Hello, My name is Michael Charles Keehn former Navy Lieutennant. I enlisted in the Navy in 1994 shortly after graduating from Marysville High School. I reached the rank of Petty Officer Third Class in November of 1994. The next year I was accepted to the Naval Academy. I graduated as part of the class of 1999, with a degree in computer science, and was commissioned as an Ensign on May 25, 1999. I reached the rank of full Lietennant on June 1st 2003, I resigned on May 31st of 2004. I was assigned to USS Nevada, a ballistic missile submarine home ported in Bangor, WA. I am currently employed as a controls engineer for power generation applications. My biggest interest is flying. I am a private pilot. One of my major interests is experimental homebuilts.

Another interest for me is cask ale, or for some, real ale. I had some in the Kingston Brewing Company. I joined the Beer Advocate which after examining the site, I recommend for any beer lover interested in new brews, bars, beer events, social forums and the like. They have excellent reviews of both bars and beers. My beer page here

My blog, one Citizens opinion about life and politics in these United States; Libertas Per Adamas

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
The Experimental Aircraft Association
The National Rifle Association

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My Alma Mater the Naval Academy
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